The Board

Meet the Nod Road Preservation, Inc. Board of Directors

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Robin Baran

Robin grew up on a farm in North Granby, CT, surrounded by animals and 50 acres of open space. The daughter of an equine veterinarian, she was raised to respect all wildlife and understand the importance of open space conservation. After living in West Hartford for 6 years, Robin, her husband (a Simsbury native) and their three children sought a home with more open surroundings and quickly fell in love with Nod Road, a road they both traveled so many times throughout their lives.

Eager to get back to work after 11 years as a stay-at-home parent, Robin is a founder of Save Nod Road and co-president of Nod Road Preservation, Inc. She is passionate about preserving what remains of open space along Nod Road.

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Christopher carville

Christopher moved to Nod Road as a young child and has spent most of his life there. Of all the board members, he has seen the road evolve the most, from an old dirt cow path to the busy road it is now. As the owner of The Pickin’ Patch he is concerned about the proximity of high density housing to his farm and would like to preserve what remains of the “old Nod Road” he grew up on.

In addition to running the farm, Christopher and his wife Polly have four children and he is co-President of Nod Road Preservation, Inc.

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Hans Miller

Hans has an international business background and is a 25-year resident of Avon.  His extensive board experience includes public companies in the US, UK and Singapore; and his non-profit board experience ranges from the arts, to historic homes and youth development. Born in the Midwest, he comes from a family committed to open spaces and wild rivers.


Polly Carville

Polly is a lifelong resident of the Farmington Valley and has lived on Nod Road for the past 14 years. As a child she frequently drove down Nod Road on her way to her grandparents’ house and remembers the old “S” curve and the days before there was a stop light at the Simsbury end. She feels strongly about maintaining the character of the road for those who live nearby or pass through and wants to protect the natural habitat of her animal neighbors. Polly maintains the Save Nod Road website.


David Soskin

David grew up in New York City and moved to Avon, Connecticut in 2013.  David and his wife Cristy fell in love with the Farmington Valley area driving along Nod Road into Simsbury looking for their first house together—the view of Heublein Tower, free hay rides at the Pickin’ Patch, and the quiet windy road assured them this was the right place to call home.  David is a practicing corporate attorney and has a passion for balancing sensible economic development with the greater good of preserving the natural environment.   David, Cristy and their two sons reside in West Simsbury and enjoy the fresh air every day. 

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David Richman

David is a long-time local business owner in the commercial insurance and real estate industries and is an active member of both the Avon and Simsbury Chambers of Commerce. His background and experience allow him the ability to see both sides and make informed decisions about where he believes development should occur. After raising his family in Simsbury, David and his wife relocated to Avon, where he hopes to see no further development on Nod Road.


Hugh Sinclair

Attracted by the open space and small community feel, Hugh and his wife Leslie relocated to the Farmington Valley two years ago from Cheshire. Hugh has been a commuter to a local manufacturer in Simsbury for over 25 years. “Nod Road has always been a wonderful country road; fresh and green in the Spring, ablaze with foliage in the Fall, and tranquil after a fresh snow.” Keeping the area open to future generations is something Hugh values greatly. Hugh is active in local historical organizations and enjoys spending time with his two adult daughters and biking with his wife.


Susan Barney

Susan is a long-time resident of the Farmington Valley and has been active in local organizations such as the Farmington River Watershed Association and Renbrook School. She is a member of the Farmington Land Trust, Wintonbury Land Trust, Roaring Brook Nature Center, and the Connecticut Forest and Park Association. Her professional background includes employment at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection as a planning analyst as well as at the State Energy Agency in the office of policy and management. Susan believes that Nod Road should be preserved as open space for the benefit of present and future generations.