May Update

While I haven't made any updates to the website in a month and it may seem like things have been quiet in the Save Nod Road world I assure you there is a lot happening behind the scenes! 

Here's what has been going on:

  • Nod Road Preservation, Inc. has officially been created! This is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of land along Nod Road. A lot of work has gone into this and we are all very proud to be "official."
  • We are now accepting donations towards our legal fight. Please see the Donate tab for more information
  • We've been monitoring the Planning and Zoning meeting agendas (as well as attending meetings) and the Keystone plan has not been presented to the town since the January 9th meeting. We expect that the plan will continue to evolve and some version of it will likely be presented this summer. When it is, we will be there.
  • The requests for magnets, lawn signs, buttons, stickers, and more information have continued to roll in. Word is out and people want to help!
  • At the last Planning and Zoning meeting an attorney for the new Avon town center gave an update and mentioned that the plans for the residential piece of the development need to be revised because of the overabundance of apartments in the area right now. Ya think??
  • Word on the street is that Tower Ridge Golf Course has been sold and will be developed into affordable housing. There have been rumors forever about TR development and they have been gradually scaling back operations over the years. If you visit their website you will see that they are exclusively doing golf this season. No banquet events/weddings, no tennis, no pool club, no ice cream, no kids camp. More to come on this as information becomes available. This is another piece of beautiful land that deserves preservation.

Here is a shot of the stormy skies on May 16th: