Bake Sale and First Fundraising Goal Met!

June has been an amazing month for Save Nod Road. Thanks to generous donations from neighbors and supporters from in and around Avon we met an important fundraising goal last Friday the 15th. It was truly exciting to see donations showing up in our mailbox and email inbox from people who support our cause and want to preserve open space along Nod Road. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Then, on Saturday the 16th we held our first fundraiser, a bake sale run by the kids of SNR! It was a complete success. We sold treats, bottled water, Save Nod Road tee-shirts, magnets, lawn signs and pins and raked in almost a thousand dollars. Thank you so much to everyone who baked, volunteered, stopped in to buy something, left a donation, or at least drove by us and gave us a thumbs up.

We continue to monitor the Planning and Zoning meeting agendas and there are always some of us in attendance at the meetings. Even though there has been no news on the Keystone development we are learning a lot by being at these meetings and seeing how they are run as well as the different styles of the P&Z board members. When the Keystone plan is on the agenda we will be ready!

As always, thank you so much for your interest and support in this important cause.