Who Does a Traffic Study in August?

Happy August, Nod Road Friends!

While things have been seemingly quiet on the BFR proposal front we did notice something unusual over the past few weeks: traffic counters laid across Nod Road and, more recently, across the entrances to Hunters Run, Woodford Hills, and Ridgebury.


This immediately begged the question: who in their right mind would do a traffic study in the middle of summer? People are on vacation and schools/colleges are not in session so the traffic volume on Nod Road (and everywhere, for that matter) is at its lightest. We didn't want to jump to conclusions so we did some investigating, talked to the town, the state, and a couple local engineering firms and no one knew anything about it. Then, today, the residents of Hunters Run received a notice from their management company informing them that traffic counters had been placed at their entrances as part of a traffic study related to the Blue Fox Run development. Aha! Mystery solved. But again, why would someone do a traffic study in August? 

As always, thank you for your continued support. Please keep spreading the word. Recently several local businesses have allowed us to post our green and white signs on their property so our reach continues to expand, but you wouldn't believe how many local people still don't know what Save Nod Rod is all about. 

Watch for us at some local events this fall. We will have our own booth!