Save Nod Road

Article in The Valley Press, Getting the Word Out

In the April 19th edition of The Valley Press (<---click to be brought right to it) there is an article about the (still not formalized) plan to build on Blue Fox. There are quotes from members of our group as well as quotes from the developer. It's good to see another media source getting the word out there. Judging by what I am seeing when I drive around town (signs and car magnets bearing our logo), Facebook likes, website traffic, and people stopping to ask us what's going on, word has really spread. We appreciate everyone's support and hope to be able to share news in the near future about other ways you can help. If you are interested in a car magnet, sticker, button or lawn sign just send an email to

The developer did not make the deadline to be on the next Planning and Zoning meeting agenda (May 8th) so we will be keeping our eyes out for the June 12th and 26th meetings.


Have You Driven Down Nod Road Lately?

If you've driven down Nod Road in the past few days you probably noticed the sea of green Save Nod Road signs in most of the residential yards. If you take a turn onto Woodford Hills Drive you will see even more signs in those yards. I won't mention any names but the few outliers on Nod include a relative/employee of BFR, a friend of the developer, and an unoccupied house whose owner opposes the development (but obviously isn't there to post a sign). It's safe to say that most of us here on Nod are united in opposition.


Save Nod Road Lawn Signs and Stickers are Available!

We now have a limited number of lawn signs available for $7. We also have 5" decals in addition to magnets and pins. These are a great way to show your support and start up a conversation with someone who isn't familiar with what's going on. If you would like to order something send an email to:


Revised Development Plan and New Facebook Page

On Tuesday March 19th Tony Giorgio of Keystone Companies LLC and his consulting engineer from F.A. Hesketh met with residents of Hunters Run (condominium community off of Nod rd) to present his current plan for developing Blue Fox Run golf course.  In the revised plan the apartments have shifted south and are now closer to the Blue Fox clubhouse and main entrance and right next to the cluster neighborhood of 52 houses. 5 free standing houses have replaced the apartments further north right along Nod. According to Giorgio, these houses would be in the range of 3,000-4,000 square feet and would be on about an acre of land each (current zoning calls for 2 acre lots). 

Keystone Plan 2.0.jpg


In other news, we now have a Facebook page! Please "like" us and spread the word.