What People Are Saying About Nod Road

We regularly receive emails from people who feel very strongly about preserving Nod Road. Here is some of what they are saying:


A Farmington Resident  

“Please don’t change Nod Road. I love driving through and seeing the wide open acres with The Pickin’ Patch. If you slam apartments and housing developments there it will ruin the beauty of Nod Road. Please don’t build there.”

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Simsbury Residents

“Thank you for posting that sign and website. As a Simsbury resident I would be equally unhappy with the proposed development as I drive down Nod Road every day. Amending zoning laws in a possible flood plain does not make sense.”

“How awful! I saw the signs yesterday as I traveled to Farmington for a doctor appointment. I live and work in Simsbury and use Nod Rd on occasion and shop the Pickin’ Patch.The development in Simsbury, Granby and Avon is alarming and very sad. Thanks for your hard work and spreading the word of this travesty! Outraged.”

“Nod Road is my favorite road and I drive down it every day to and from work. I would hate to see this beautiful open space be cluttered up with development the same way the parallel road 10/202 has been.”




"I'm actually a Granby resident; however, I travel Nod Road to get to UCONN Hospital in Farmington on a semi-regular basis. One of the highlights of the drive is the scenic nature of it. It's comforting and relaxing, helping alleviate the stress of what an upcoming appointment will reveal. I completely agree that a development like this would be completely out of character with the area."


Avon Residents

“Besides the preservation of open space being threatened, it is completely out of character for this idyllic, well-known stretch of road, Nod Road, to be built even further upon.”

“Keep historic Nod Road the way it is; a beautiful, country road.”

“The scenic view and sense of calm one feels while driving along Nod Road, spring, summer, fall or winter is irreplaceable. This proposed development would not only change the rural landscape so essential to the character of Avon, it would pave the way for yet another instance where we allow ourselves to ignore the respectful stewardship of the land that has been our gift to enjoy.” 

“Besides the preservation of open space being threatened, such a complex of homes and apartments is out of character for this natural area of historic Avon, not to mention the increase in traffic that will be created at the already extremely dangerous and heavily congested intersection of Nod Road and Rt. 44.”

“We would like to know how we can help with the effort to see that the serenely spectacular beauty of the area is preserved. We think Nod Rd is one of the most lovely roads in the valley, deserving of a special designation which would preserve its spectacular serenity.”