The Keystone Companies LLC/Sunlight Construction plan as of 10-4-2018

The Land...and The Plan

View of the 95 condominium homes, as published in the Hartford Courant 6-23-2019

View of the 5 houses along Nod Road, 10-4-2018

This has since been amended to 3 houses, updated picture not available.

  • After presenting an informal proposal for developing the Blue Fox Run golf course at the January 9th 2018 Planning and Zoning meeting, the Keystone Companies LLC of Simsbury presented an informal development plan to the residents of Hunters Run on March 19th 2018. On October 4th 2018 the developer, along with a builder from Sunlight Construction, once again met with Hunters Run to present their latest plan (picture 1 to the right)

  • The plan has been revised to include freestanding condominiums (95 units) on the golf course (picture 2) and 3 houses along Nod Rd (picture with 3 houses not available)

  • The builder says this neighborhood will attract a variety of owners including empty-nesters, families, retirees, and young professionals

  • The land they are planning to build the condos on is zoned agriculture and would require a zoning change. They plan to ask for a change to RU2A with a special acceptance for the planned density

  • The land that the 3 houses would be built on is currently zoned RU2A and would not require a change to zoning

  • On April 2, 2019 the Avon Inland Wetlands Commission, after 3 public hearings on the matter, denied an application by the land owners to amend the town wetlands map. The amendment would have allowed the developer to build on land that is currently designated at wetlands.

  • On September 10, 2019 the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission voted 6-1 to DENY the application for the zone change from Agricultural to RU2A