Our Concerns

  • This type of development would be completely out of character on this scenic and rural road

  • Increased traffic on Nod Road, which is already a problem

  • Environmental impacts (inland wetlands, wildlife, the Farmington River)

  • Developing Blue Fox Run does not align with the current town Plan of Conservation and Development

  • Open space in Avon in shrinking; let's save what we can while we still can

What we've Done so Far

  • Formed a 501c3 non-profit corporation Nod Road Preservation, Inc. that meets and communicates regularly

  • Created recognizable marketing materials

  • Retained legal counsel

  • Notified and informed area neighbors that this development plan is in the works.

  • Written letters to the Town Manager, Town Planner and members of the Planning and Zoning Commission expressing concerns.

  • Researched town and government documentation, including maps, to better understand how the land in question is classified

  • Subscribed to mailing lists to be notified of upcoming town meetings

  • Started attending Planning and Zoning and Inland Wetland meetings